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Your imagination is the only limitation

Smart homes come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and preferences. So we helps you set your home up with the perfect home automation system designed specifically for your needs and budget.
We employ scalable, reliable technologies for flexible and smart office solutions that are designed to increase workflow and improve productivity throughout your enterprise.
Voice assistant can now be a centre piece of your smart home, so you control smart lighting, room ambiance, stream music, control movie playback and more with just your voice.
The Simplest Way to Connect Your Entire House
Who we are?
Hitbytes was founded in 2018 to address the growing trend of voice technology. Our goal is simple: provide affordable electronics and technology to enhance our clients’ homes and unique lifestyles.
What we do?
Every home is different and so are the lifestyles of their owners. Hitbytes Voice Home Control bridges the technology gap by simplifying the process and providing a positive experience along the way. We are specialized in design interactive conversational voice applications for integrate domotica and virtual assistant such Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby...
How we do It?
We believe that technology should not be just about wires and products, but should be focused on the experience a client receives from using it. We work closely together with our clients to help them tackle their needs in the best possible way and to constantly extent our customers’ knowledge in the field of AI.
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Voice Home Commands
Hitbytes Voice Home Control is here to help you take control of your total home environment by introducing a customizable smart home experience. Through the HB Voice Home Control, our Wi-Fi outlets and power strips let you monitor, control, and manage your electronics, appliances and lighting, at home and on-the-go right at your fingertips.
Making life easier through innovation is the Hitbytes mission.