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 Hitbytes the right technology partner for Voice Control?

Whether you decide to extend the functionality of a custom Smart Home solution with an existing intelligent assistant or create a voice user interface from the ground up, you need a skilled developer team with previous AI experience to fast-track the project.

We have completed multiple voice control projects, so we understand the fundamentals of voice interactions and address speech recognition solutions development and performance issues — including microphone-related constraints and background noise removal — on the software level.

We draw on our profound AWS experience to create Alexa skills and the corresponding back-end logic using the Alexa Skill Set and flexible web application development tools. We apply context to voice interface design and enable built-in support for 3rd-party products and services to craft connected home systems with a strong market appeal.


Founders Team

We are happy and productive with a a 100% distributed team. Amazing works don’t require an office.
We believe in a remote team happy and productive where everyone live on their own terms. We invest a lot in people, in tools and technology. Our team is spread across two continents and two time zones. Once a week we have a company call and we are always in touch on Slack.