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How chatbots improve customer experience?

Insurance companies around the world are using chatbots across the organizational structure, at various levels. Essentially, insurance chatbots can help both the customer & employee navigate through a sea of data. They are capable of deconstructing & selling complex products, driving adequate engagement and solving customer queries to a certain extent without manual intervention. In India, they are effectively used to register claims, check status on claim/policy or locate the nearest branch and such, but yet to perform actual sales & distribution.
Using our Insurance chatbot solution you can help members sift through the myriad policy options based on their risk profile and coverage needs, and recommends the most appropriate product to start with.
Our bots can manage digital claims conversationally and quickly, eliminating added frustration, helping members quickly finish onboarding and better understand their plan coverage.
Insurance chatbot help field sales staff plan their prospecting activities and customer visits as well as effortlessly update their CRM with lead notes and visit reports from their smartphone.



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Insurance Industry

Chatbot for manage claim

For example, a potential client contacts an insurance company via chat. A bot can ask them for relevant information including their name, contact information, what they are wanting to purchase insurance for, the value of the goods they are wanting to insure, and basic health information. From there an agent can review the information, ask additional questions if needed, draft up an insurance plan, and get it signed. Bots can help make the process more efficient and free up time for brokers to accomplish other tasks.
Our chatbot helps users to register the first notice of loss, schedule the survey appointment for the evaluator, arrange emergency assistance during accidents, and offer pre as well as post disaster assistance.
Our bots can efficiently stock hundred of millions of one-to-one conversations one by one, as a bridge between companies and consumers.
So companies no longer have to deploy customer-care representatives in large numbers.


Our chatbot allows customers to record a claim right from their smartphone knowing the status of the claim anytime.


Our chatbot can suggest appropriate policies that suit each customer’s needs, right when they need it.


Our chatbot can easily help customers find answers for their questions, instantly, no more knowledge base crawling.

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