Chatbot for Travel Industry:
how chatbots improve customer experience?

Help your customer make planning and booking trips easy.

Travellers are constantly increasing their information needs. A part from the growing demand for more meaningful travel experiences, they also want travel destinations and businesses to meet the demand for communication and engagement—across all media and platforms. These communication and engagement needs include the whole spectrum; from traditional email marketing to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. But the latest trend in technology is happening elsewhere. Research shows that more consumers are using messaging apps compared to social networks, and this trend is fast extending to the travel industry where we are seeing chatbots as messenger apps being rolled out as a new and immediate interface of customer interaction.
Chatbot on messaging apps deliver right-time, right-fit travel promotions like upgrades and discounted rates and advice.
Our bots could handle customers’ pre-arrival questions and suggest amenities and services to match their criteria. If it’s a special occasion, like a honeymoon, it might suggest making dinner reservations for you or booking a relaxing couple spa treatment or make easier the order room service, towels, forgotten toiletries and laundry pick up.
Bot assistants forward your client a satisfaction survey as they leave the building.



What We Did

UI/UX Design
Flow Design
Bot Development



Client (use case)



Dual Crown Hotel Bot: automate Booking with Messenger.

Our booking chatbot helps you answer booking FAQ’s 24/7. It will be undoubtedly helpful for guests booking outside of your reservation team’s opening hours.
The ease of booking and the proactive concierge services create brand loyalty and improved guest satisfaction. Your hotel bot brings guest attention on the great services the hotel already has and on all of the opportunities available to them during their stay.
This efficient digitalized communication enhances the guests overall experience and keeps them coming back for more.


Booking and channel manager integration, room rates and payments.

Concierge Services

Let your customers order room service, house keeping, wifi, menu, amenities.


During and after the stay, the chatbot sends communications and promotions to your guests.

Customer Reviews

TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews, recommendations and sharing.

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