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Tailored Bots


We Build Custom Chatbots.

Looking for the perfect solution for your needs? Get in contact with us, so we can develop your tailor made package for you, from conceptual design, to analysis & consulting to full development & hosting. We offer tailor made, sustainable solutions for your requirements. We develop chatbots on all current messenger platforms tailored to your needs. We offer a full-fledged bot backend that allows you to manage adapt your bot as it grows.
Financial Service Chatbot

Financial Service: how Chatbots improve customer experience in banking?

Chatbots automatically respond to loan inquiries, offer guidance for loan applications, send monthly payment reminders to customers, and collect payments.
Food Industry Chatbot

Chatbots for Food Industry: how bots improve customer experience.

Our Chatbot Solutions allows users to order food through their Facebook Messenger and skip the ordering process on the website.
Insurance Services Chatbot

Insurance Service: could chatbots help customers in file claim?

Using our Insurance Chatbot Solution you can help members sift through the myriad policy options based on their risk profile and coverage needs, and recommends the most appropriate product to start with.
Travel Industry Chatbot

Travel & Ospitality: how chatbots help users to plan trips.

Using our Chatbot you help your customer make planning and booking trips easy via virtual guided assistance.
Retail Industry Chatbot

Chatbots for Retail Industry: could bots help user in buying process?

Provide real-time, relevant offers and advice from a ‘personal’ shopper. Deliver status updates or alerts on in-store inventory for purchase and pick-up.
Service Industry Chatbot

Beauty Services: how chatbots guide assistance 24/7.

Using our Chatbots your customer can booking appointments easy via virtual guided assistance 24/7, when your reception is not available.
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